Quote of the Day

"Fear is nothing compared to the chance of creating something beautiful."---Valentina Solfrini, Artful Blogging, Fall 2017, p. 47


Belittling Crumbles Our Confidence

Words can do harm. Imagine being on the receiving end of the following:“Why did you do that?”“Well, that was dumb.”“What sense do you have? None obviously.”It amazes me, how fear of others’ successes can intensify insecurity in another person. Why else would they feel the need to put others down? Belittling behavior breaks us into [...]

Weed the Garden our of our mind…Dig Doubt Out

When I say “doubt”, what comes to mind?            I asked my husband that question and he replied with two answers, “I can’t do it” and “Can’t be done.”  When doubt arises there is unrest and uncertainty. We become less effective.            Doubt is a like a weed in the garden; it grows fast and furiously, sucking [...]