Quote of the Day

“Fear is nothing compared to the chance of creating something beautiful.”—Valentina Solfrini, Artful Blogging, Fall 2017, p. 47


Create a little each day

Floral.oilpastel.872017Oil Pastel, August 7, 2017 ©Paula Baines

It is not a matter of making time, it is why you make the time.  I had excuses for not being creative. I was not inspired, I was tired, I had housework, or other commitments.  When you really look at your life-you either make time for what is important to you, or other things are allowed to take that space. I got tired of being tired. So I started taking time to be creative.  I would try to make a new dessert, sketch a flower, get my camera out and take a photo, or jot down ideas for my next blog. The first step is the hardest sometimes.

Try this, for the first week, set aside just 15 minutes a day, find a way to create. It could be a poem, a short story, simple, a few minutes to add stitches to a blanket that you are crocheting or knitting. Each week, thereafter, add five minutes more. Find a way to create something each day. I was surprised that little time could inspire me to do more.

“Do what you can, with what you have . where you are.”–Theodore Roosevelt

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Quote of the Day

We offer our strengths and weaknesses, our joys and our sorrows to your never ending care. Help us to remember all through our lives that we never need to do difficult things alone, that Your Presence is presently for asking and our ultimate future is assured by your unselfish love. In our deepest gratitude we offer this prayer. Amen.—Fred Rogers, Invocation, Boston University, 1992.