Why the Rush?

What happened to slowing down and taking in all that is around us bit by bit? I am tired of the fast-paced world. I want to get off this "merry go-round" of rush, rush, rush, and stop. I recall the days when my sons were toddlers. They took their time to take in all that [...]


Leadership by Example, part 3 of 5 God is My CEO blog series

How many of us describe ourselves by our occupation? How many of us are asked "what do you do?" Larry Julian, author of God is My CEO: Following God's Principles in a Bottom Line World points out in his book that we can move from what we do to who we are. We can let [...]

Let it go, let it be, Let God: Loosening worry and anxiety’s grip

Worry and anxiety together are one of the eight tentacles of fear that I mentioned last week. Worry can turn your stomach into knots and anxiety can fog up your mind. So how do we get ourselves here in the first place? What starts as a single concern can tumble into worry. When I worry, [...]