Create a little each day

Floral.oilpastel.872017Oil Pastel, August 7, 2017 ©Paula Baines

It is not a matter of making time, it is why you make the time.  I had excuses for not being creative. I was not inspired, I was tired, I had housework, or other commitments.  When you really look at your life-you either make time for what is important to you, or other things are allowed to take that space. I got tired of being tired. So I started taking time to be creative.  I would try to make a new dessert, sketch a flower, get my camera out and take a photo, or jot down ideas for my next blog. The first step is the hardest sometimes.

Try this, for the first week, set aside just 15 minutes a day, find a way to create. It could be a poem, a short story, simple, a few minutes to add stitches to a blanket that you are crocheting or knitting. Each week, thereafter, add five minutes more. Find a way to create something each day. I was surprised that little time could inspire me to do more.

“Do what you can, with what you have . where you are.”–Theodore Roosevelt

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