Make Room for Gratefulness

NaplesBOTGAR (112) Good morning all,

I wanted to share a picture that I took last month.  Above is a picture of a butterfly taken at the Naples Botanical Gardens in Florida last month.  (©2016, used with permission). The butterfly flit and flowed among the beautiful blossoms resting intermittently; giving me just enough time to catch its rest. As it rested, it enjoyed the bloom’s nectar and the soft breeze blew between its wings. I watched during quiet several moments as the butterfly slowly opened and closed its wings. It was meditative. Calming.

Our hearts are like the butterfly, rest is our peace, and the nectar of the bloom is gratefulness.  Do we take enough time to rest or are we constantly flitting and floating from one bloom to the next?  I have learned that when we rush and do not make time for gratefulness to fill our hearts, we are not satisfied. We are continuously chasing the next bloom. Make room for gratefulness.




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