cropped-naplesbotgar-112.jpgTo Be Creative is to let little pieces of your heart go and place them into each project you make.


Welcome to A Creative Voice Beckons Blog. 

My name is Paula Baines, I started this blog in February 2013. It started as a personal blog that gave me an outlet of expression for my frustration as I went through job challenges. This blog has ebbed, flowed, and morphed. My foundation is my Christian faith and through this blog I have shared pit stops on my faith journey.

I share the positive aspects of life, influences, and my Christian faith. There is a creative being that created this world. Even scientists have found a connection. Like this Being, that is neither male or female, young or old, we have a creative voice (spirit) that is in each of us.

“Creativity is a contagious, pass it on.”-Albert Einstein.

“Life is too short, but art is forever.” -Marcus Tullius Ciicero

“Don’t wait for confidence. Doing it brings all the confidence you ever need.”-Susan Harrison-Tustain

“Know yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses.”